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WBS Junior

Trainings for oldest age group (+10) who participate in the MZPN league.


Age of a junior is the last stage before adult career of the player. Please note that "junior age" is the key and most important time of training soccer skills. Therefore, with the greatest sense of professionalism and focus on the elements: technique, tactics and motor activity and fitness.

The duty of a coach is tolead the junior is the best and to prepare for the transition to stage a serious football.In the training we should also not forget about the mental development of the players and under no circumstances children can not be treated as small adults.

At this stage of theirs career also rip improve the team, but do not forget about the most important things that is about the game of passion and pleasure. In addition to the Mazowiecka league, our oldest players take part in numerous stationary camps, friendly matches, tournaments including Juniorcup organized in Germany. In the last years our players faced the best teams from Germany (Hertha Berlin and representation of the Hessen Football Association) during the tournament for the Cup of the Mayor of Warsaw.

Frequency: two / three times per week