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WBS Girls


Our Academy is porobably the only one in Warsaw that puts the strong emphasis not only on the development of the boys groups, but also of a girls groups. Trainings for girls are conducted in two age groups. Younger players are juniors at the age of 7-9 years, while the older juniors are in age: 10-13 years.

The course is primarily made to have a joy of playing and education through sport. During the training we develop not only the overall efficiency (speed, motor coordination), but also individual technique. We want our girls to develop theri motor skills by playing football. We also teach them : motivation, enthusiasm and creativity, as well as teaching support, tolerance and the pursuit of purpose. Great satisfaction for us is the fact that the players after each workout come out with a smile on theirs face and every year there are more and more of them.

We organize for our students stationary and away camps, and take part in various tournaments, among others, In a tournament of teams of girls in Vienna.

Location: school name Will'ego Brandt Street Ledóchowskiej 3