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Healthy Wednesday - EASTER TIPS


Easter is fast approaching. Most of us already imagine this table plentifully filled with traditional dishes that you should try, and if you like it, you will surely find room for more than one more. There are also people who look at this time with a fear of overeating, feeling of heaviness, fatigue, no desire to move, and thus gaining weight and deepening malaise. In addition, we found ourselves at the time of subsequent restrictions and many difficulties associated with it. There is no point in going from extremes to extremes. Let us not create additional stress related to the necessity to apply restrictions on Christmas, but let us also approach this topic consciously, knowing that physical and mental health is very important, especially in this difficult time.

It should also not be forgotten that for athletes, the period of preparation for the season is not over. Our players continue to train, whether individually or online, so it is important that they can continue to improve their form by actively participating in the exercises. Let this Easter time be a family time without remorse and a feeling of heaviness, so it is worth following a few tips that will help you stay in good shape.

First of all, let's follow the principle of smaller portions if we want to try all the festive dishes. Easter is characterized by such specialties as: sour rye soup, white sausage, eggs with mayonnaise, vegetable salad, which also includes mayonnaise and cakes loved by children in the form of Easter cake or mazurek generously covered with icing. When analyzing the above dishes, their calorific value is high, therefore the principle of small portions will be crucial in this case. What's more, they contain a lot of fat and sugar, which will adversely affect our well-being in the long run. Let's not deny ourselves these delicacies, but simply pay attention to their quantity.

Another solution is to make a few modifications to the preparation of festive dishes. The use of these substitutes will make Easter dishes lighter, and we will not have to worry about excess calories and digestive system ailments. Let eggs rule on the table, because they are a source of easily digestible protein and many valuable minerals and vitamins, but we do not have to add mayonnaise to every version. Eggs can be stuffed with mushrooms or avocados, which will make the dish easily digestible and provide us with healthy fatty acids. In turn, combine vegetables in a vegetable salad with natural yoghurt with grated horseradish or use the proportion of mayonnaise to natural yoghurt 1: 2. In the case of fatty sausage and its products, it is worth baking a piece of lean meat, and when it comes to sour rye soup, after it cools you can remove the layer of fat that settles on its surface. As we know, there is nothing better than home baking. This is definitely a better solution than store-bought cakes. When preparing desserts, let's try to replace wheat flour - with whole grain, and instead of large amounts of white sugar, let's use sweeteners (e.g. erythritol) or dates. An alternative to icing can be pouring the Easter cake with melted dark chocolate, and other cakes, especially sponge cakes, will look great with the addition of a large amount of sweet fruit.

A valuable tip is also to include our "superfoods" in the Easter menu. This Christmas, parsley will certainly find its use, not only for decoration, but also flax seeds, nuts and cranberries, which we can boldly use when preparing cakes. There is another great product that everyone knows and even sow themselves. Cress! These green sprouts can be used as an addition to salads, which will enrich our dish with vitamin C and calcium.

Remember that every little step will make our food easier to digest, which will affect our health and general well-being. You do not have to introduce drastic restrictions to be able to enjoy the time spent with your loved ones. It is definitely better to go for a walk or bike with them than to sit on the couch in front of the TV after having eaten a stomach ache. May this festive time bring everyone a lot of joy, not ailments. Have a good Christmas and a lot of health!